demon gate

a story by Laurie aged 9

Friday, June 23, 2006

demon gate entrance


Raging wind
Once there was a fierce knight. One day when the knight was sleeping a roaring wind blew. The rest of his camp were caught in a twister. In the night he dreamed of a demon - a wind demon to be precise. In his dreams the wind demon was sucking the energy from the pressure kings and turning it into powerful wind to make a storm that spread all around the world. It was horrible.

Also after that there was a big battle between him and the terrifying wind demon. The wind demon put up a good fight but in the end the knight won - to make it short but before we get there let me tell you this story...

The knight woke up. He was surpised that all the camp was destroyed except his. It is like his destiny was to fight the wind demon - let's call him cyclonops instead of the wind demon.


The knight saw the tornado fading. He went into the forest. he heard lots of noises in his head saying that he is in danger so he drew his sword and looked around - but nothing was there so he ran away, but he fell on a crystal ball. Or that's what he thought it was, but it wasn't. It was actually an emerald with a strange mark inside. What he didn't know was that it was a wind mark.

But he felt rain coming somewhere - but it wasn't rain it was acid.

Meanwhile, in the demon world, cylonops was planning an evil plot to suck all life from the world so he could take over the world.

Now let's go back to the knight. As I was saying it was raining acid. Fortunately it only made a hole in the ground with a red glow at the bottom. He lifted it out. It was a ruby like the other stone only with a different mark. This time the mark was the mark of fire...

The knight heard a little giggle so he turned around and saw an elf. The elf said that he had unleashed two deadly powers and that there were two more crystals - the water one and the earth one. If you put them together you can conquer any evil...

the birth of the earth

The elf vanished into thin air. The knight wondered if the elf was working for cyclonops. The knight walked forward and fell into a hole in the ground. The hole got bigger and bigger...deeper and deeper... Eventually an amber crystal fell into the hole. The knight wondered if it had the earth mark in it. The amber glowed and the earth beneath the knight rose. It lifted him up. At the top he saw a brown wolf with stone and gravel in it's fur. The wolf spoke in a spirit-like voice...

"Don't let cyclonops take over the world or everything will die, including cyclonops"

The knight wondered if he could save the world somehow so he asked the wolf. The wolf told him to find the fourth crystal somewhere deep deep under the sea to the south and then you must go north to the desert where cyclonops lives under the ground.

to be continued...